Understanding Debit Card Enrollments

Having trouble enrolling your Debit Card in the GCash App? Here are a few possible reasons why this is happening:

1. Is your Debit Card allowed to be enrolled in the GCash App?

Credit cards, prepaid and/or reloadable cards (including the GCash MasterCard) cannot be enrolled in the GCash App.

Currently, you can only link to GCash the following Visa/MasterCard Debit Cards issued locally by banks:

Debit Cards from banks shown here.

2. Is your Debit Card enabled for online transactions?

Please make sure that your Debit Card is enabled for online transactions before enrolling your Debit Card in the GCash App. Some banks may require you to activate your Debit Card for online transactions via call, ATM, or by visiting any of the bank’s branches. Kindly contact your local bank for activation inquiries.

3. Is there sufficient balance in your Debit Card?

At the time of enrollment, your Debit Card should have at least Php 10.00 for verification purposes.

4. Are you in a location with stable internet connection?

This service requires stable internet connection in order to process your Debit Card enrollment. Please be patient and DO NOT press the back button as we connect you to our secure payment gateway.

For further questions and/or concerns on Debit Card enrollment, please chat with us at facebook.com/gcashcare or contact your local bank directly.