PLDT HomeBoost on GCash


PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is a wireless internet service powered by Smart LTE.


  • This is a direct-to-account top-up method, meaning the mobile number you input as a recipient will be the receiver of the product.
  • If a subscriber purchases an item, it is considered sold and may not be returned to GCash for a refund.

All sales of PLDT HomeBoost are final.


PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is PLDT Home’s first and only pay-per-use wireless internet service for the home.

You will find your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi number at the back of your modem. It is through this number that you will receive notifications on your service (notifications will be sent to your modem portal), load, and it is also the number you will need to give PLDT agents should you need after-sales support.

  1. Log-On to the GCash App,
  2. Select Buy Load,
  3. Input PLDT Home Wifi Number,
  4. Go to the Surf or Broadband Tab,
  5. Select PLDT Boost Item.

Once you have fully consumed your Home Boost load, you will automatically be disconnected from the internet even if you have remaining regular load. You have two options:

  • Convert your regular load to any Home Boost load.
  • Buy Home Boost load through any PLDT Store or PLDT Smart loading station.

Kindly contact PLDT Home Wifi for other questions.