GGuide: Ways To Get The Most From GCash

The fact that more and more people are using their mobile devices to shop makes it necessary for retailers to adapt their payment methods. People want convenient payment options, so they would not have to wait in line and manually pay with cash or credit card. This is where GCash comes in. Here’s how you can get more from GCash.


As a gamer, sometimes you may want that new skin or new character but you may not have enough points or game currency to purchase it. This is where Codashop comes in. Millions of gamers count on Codashop monthly for a seamless purchase experience when buying game credits or vouchers. No registration or log-in is required, and purchases instantly are added to your game account. There are tons of games to choose from on the platform and you can easily Pay with GCash for utmost convenience. 

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game set in the open world of Teyvat. In the game, players control one of four characters as they travel around the world, completing quests, defeating bosses, and solving puzzles. The game features a gacha system for obtaining new characters and weapons, and an in-game event system that provides rewards for completing certain objectives. In Genshin Impact, you’ll experience seamless co-op action with your friends while exploring a large and varied open world. Each character has its own unique stand-alone story, which links together to reveal the game’s overarching plot. You can grab your primogems and genesis crystals using GCash for easier payment!

With the rise of contactless mobile payments, cashless transactions will only increase in the coming years. It’s also making it easier for online shoppers to pay for more than what they buy. Mobile payments are being integrated into more areas of daily life and getting more sophisticated along the way. The point is not to get rid of cash or credit cards — but instead to complement them with technologies that offer a better experience. Nobody wants to wait in line when making a simple purchase, and GCash is just one solution to this problem.

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