GInvest (Invest Money) Goes Beta!

Enjoy this exclusive access to the new local and global funds!

Beta Testing Agreement Terms & Conditions

Beta Disclaimer

The GInvest (Invest Money) Beta feature will be open to selected users to obtain feedback on the experience. Users may experience the following platform issues:

  • Slow loading time
  • Error prompts 
  • Delayed amounts reflecting in the transaction history
  • Delayed SMS transaction confirmation

Note: While you may encounter some platform issues, rest assured that your money is safe and secure with GCash.

Beta Participation & Feedback Form

After testing GInvest (Invest Money), the users are encouraged to answer the feedback form that will be shared on March 1. The first 100 users (Non GCash employees) to provide feedback starting March 1 will be given a token of PHP200, which will be seeded to the user’s GCash wallet.

By answering the feedback form, the user also agrees that his/her information (First name and Initial of Last name) and feedback may possibly be used as reference which can be posted in GCash’s official channels.

Investment Disclaimer

  • GInvest (Invest Money) does NOT provide recommendations to buy or sell securities or investments. 
  • Investment performance is subject to market volatility and fund management performance. The price may fluctuate according to market conditions.
  • The investment products are Unit Investment Trust Funds, which are open-ended pooled funds managed by ATRAM Trust Corporation.
  • Past performance does not indicate future results. Returns are NOT guaranteed.

GCash as a Platform

GInvest (Invest Money) currently serves as a distribution platform for the funds that are managed by ATRAM Trust Corporation. GInvest is powered by Seedbox Technologies, Inc, the technology provider which facilitates the transfer of funds from GInvest to ATRAM. GInvest does not perform any investment activities.

GCash is duly registered with and licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

ATRAM UITFs are approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

User Agreement

By proceeding to GInvest (Invest Money) as a beta user, I am agreeing to the terms & conditions in this page as well as to the terms & conditions of GCash.

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