Personalize your Send Money transaction through message, theme and/or photo


Accessing the Personalized Money

From the GCash page, Personalized Send can be accessed via:

  1. Send Money > Personalized Send
  2. Show More > Personalized Send

Send Personalized Money

  1. Sender fills out the following information:
    1. Recipient
    2. Amount
    3. Message
    4. Themes or take a picture via Camera or choose a picture via Gallery
  2. Sender clicks Next button to proceed to the Preview page
  3. Sender clicks Next button to process to the Cashier page

Receive Personalized Send Money via Push Notification

  1. Recipient clicks the push notification
  2. This opens the GCash App and ask the recipient to logged in if not yet logged in.
  3. Recipient is redirected to Personalized Money receiving page to claim the money.

Receive Personalized Money via SMS

  1. From the SMS message, the recipient clicks the URL.
  2. This opens a webpage. If there is a GCash App already installed in the device, a popup message will ask the recipient if the GCash App will be opened. Otherwise, the recipient needs to download it from the App Store / Play Store. For unregistered GCash users, recipient needs to go through registration process via GCash App.
  3. Recipient logins to GCash App.
  4. Recipient is redirected to Personalized Money receiving page to claim the money.

Receive personalized money via inbox

  1. Recipient logins to GCash App.
  2. From the Dashboard page, recipient opens the inbox and selects the desired message to claim. Click View Detail button to claim.
  3. Recipient is redirected to Personalized Money receiving page to claim the money.

This service is a personalization of fund transfer / send money feature for GCash and non-GCash users.

This service is only available in GCash App.

Only partially and fully verified users can use Personalized Send (same as Send Money).

This service is free of charge for all GCash users.

Upon submission of Personalized Send, sender will see a pop-up screen and will receive an SMS message informing that the sender’s wallet was deducted and its new balance.

The sender of Personalized Send will receive an SMS and inbox notification prompting that the intended receiver opened and claimed the Personalized Send.

The process should be real time.

There are three (3) access point to Personalized Send: SMS, Push Notification and GCash App.

  • SMS – User will receive a link, which opens a webpage that checks if the user has the app installed. Popup will be shown for the user to choose whether to open the GCash app or not.
  • Push Notification – When user clicks the push notification, user will be required to login. Afterwards, the user will be redirected to the personalized money receiving page.
  • GCash App – Receiver who logins in the app without opening or clicking the SMS and push notification respectively, can open the Personalized Send through the app’s inbox

Yes, but the user should register and download the app first to be able to view the content of Personalize Send and claim the money.