Terms and Conditions

Welcome to GCash. Please read these terms and conditions (“Terms” or “Agreement”) prior to completing the registration for an account with GCash. The following Terms shall govern how you may access and use the products of GCash, the GCash Card, GCash Website, GCash App, and all other associated services (individually, “GCash Service” or collectively, “GCash Services”). By registering to GCash or using the GCash App, you accept and agree to be legally bound by these Terms and the terms of each and every GCash product or service you are availing.

Please also read the Privacy Policy of GCash and Acceptable Use Policy

before using any or a portion of the GCash Services. The Privacy Policy describes the purpose and manner of collection and processing of your personal data when using the GCash Services while the Acceptable Use Policy defines the set of rules for your compliance when using the GCash App. If you do not understand or do not wish to be bound by these Terms, the Privacy Policy, or the Acceptable Use Policy, you cannot access or use any of the GCash Services. You further acknowledge that you have fully understood and agree to be governed by the rules and regulations of each of the GCash Services you are availing.

These Terms shall be effective, valid, and binding from the time of your agreement which is from the time of your downloading, activating, or using of GCash and will exist up to the time that it is terminated by you or us, save for those terms and conditions that will survive and remain effective after termination as stated in these Terms, pursuant to law or regulation, or whose operation necessarily requires survival after the termination.

GCash reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without any prior notice. Any changes to these Terms will be effective immediately upon posting on this page, with an updated effective date. By accessing or using the GCash Services after any changes to these Terms have been made effective, you signify your agreement on a prospective basis to the modified or revised Terms. Kindly periodically visit this page to ensure familiarity with the latest version of the Terms.

Any version of these Terms in a language other than English is provided for convenience, and you understand and agree that the English language version will control in case of any conflict in translation or meaning.

Under these Terms, the terms “GXI”, “GCash”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI) including its directors, officers, representatives, partners, affiliates, successor and assigns. “User”, “you”, and “your” refer to the individual who uses the GCash App and registers for, and avails of the GCash Services, and/or the GCash Card. 

GCash is duly registered with and licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).


1.1 You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to register for a GCash account. By registering, you represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and have the legal capacity to agree with these Terms. If you are below eighteen (18) years old, but above six (6) years old, parental consent or legal guardian consent will be required of you and your use of GCash would be governed by, and subject to, the terms and conditions of GCash Junior. Further, however, even with parental consent or legal guardian consent, the parents or legal guardian shall remain to be the GCash Account or GCash owner of GCash Junior account and shall be bound by these terms and conditions. Those ages six (6) years old and below are not allowed to register and use any of GCash Services. GCash assumes no responsibility or liability for any misrepresentation of your age.

1.2 If GCash Services are for the use and for the benefit of a business entity, you represent, warrant, and covenant that you are duly authorized to do business and your officers, employees, representative, and agents accessing or using GCash are duly authorized to access and use the GCash Services and to legally bind you and your business entity to these Terms and all transactions conducted under your Username and password.


2.1 When you accept these Terms, you are setting up your GCash Wallet that is associated with your mobile number. Depending on the specific GCash Service that you are availing, you will be asked to provide information such as your complete name, present and/or permanent address, date of birth, nationality, source of funds, employment data, photo of yourself, and signature in accordance with the KYC requirements of the BSP. We may also verify your registration information through a third-party verification partner/service provider, as we may deem necessary. In some cases, we may also ask you to provide additional details or information that can aid in verifying your identity.

2.2 You agree to provide all necessary information and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation that we may require in order to complete the verification process. The information you provide will be used to determine if you are eligible to use the GCash App or the GCash Services. We reserve the right to suspend, deactivate, or limit your access to your GCash Wallet and/or GCash Service in the event that we are unable to obtain or verify your information. We shall process your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, and the issuances of the National Privacy Commission (NPC). 

2.3 You are responsible for providing accurate registration information, keeping your registration information up to date, and notifying us in the event of any changes to the same. In addition, as new or certain GCash Services may become available or be offered only on a select or promotional basis, supplementary information may be required from your end in order to enable or avail of the pertinent GCash Services.

2.4 The registration process may also be done via USSD (by dialing *143#) if you are a Globe or TM mobile subscriber.

2.5 You have the option to obtain the GCash Card and link it with your GCash Wallet. GCash will store in its system all information relating to your GCash Card, including but not limited to your transaction details.


“Biller” shall refer to the utility company and the like, accredited by GCash to accept bills payment using GCash App.

“Biometrics” shall refer to the User’s measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (such as the face, fingerprint, or voice patterns), especially as a means of verifying personal identity.     

“Cash-in” shall refer to the process of loading cash into the GCash Wallet.

“Cash-out” shall refer to the process of withdrawal of cash from GCash Wallet.

“Claims” shall refer to all kinds of claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, damages, or liabilities of any kind, suits, actions, assessments, judgments, payments, fines, interest, penalties, and other charges, including all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of investigation, litigation, settlement, or judgment. 

“GCash” shall also refer to a form of electronic money (“e-money”) that allows Users who registered to GCash Service to easily and conveniently send and receive cash as well as make payments electronically.

“GCash Accredited Merchant” shall refer to an establishment that accepts either GCash or GCash Card or both as payment for the purchase of goods and services.

“GCash App” shall refer to the GCash Service application running on mobile devices where the User can avail of the GCash Service or make use of the GCash Wallet.

“GCash Card” or “Card” shall refer to a prepaid card linked to a GCash Wallet which can be used for online purchases, Point-Of-Sale (“POS”) purchases, and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash withdrawals. The card is also accepted by accredited merchants worldwide.

“GCash Group” shall refer to (i) GXI, (ii) its affiliates and subsidiaries, including Globe Telecom, Inc., Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc., and Fuse Lending, Inc.; (iii) GXI’s business partners, service providers, and other third-party partners contracted by it for the purpose of conducting its business operations; and (iv) their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, assigns, and anyone acting under their direction or in their behalf.

“GCash Partner Outlet” or “GPO” shall refer to establishments authorized by GCash to accept Cash-in and Cash-out transactions.

“GCash Wallet” or “GCash Account” shall refer to an e-money instrument that stores Philippine Peso (Php) value which resides in the GCash system. It is an account that is linked to the User’s mobile Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and which may or may not be evidenced by a physical GCash Card. Functionalities include, but are not limited to, transfer of funds, payments of goods and services, over-the-air reload of airtime, and balance inquiry.

“GCash Website” shall be used to officially represent GCash on the internet, where visitors may register to create an account. Users are also provided with information about products and services.    

“Know Your Customer” or “KYC” shall refer to the process of establishing the identity of the User as required by the BSP, also known as Customer Verification.

“Mobile Personal Identification Number” or “MPIN” shall refer to the four (4)-digit security personal identification number of, and nominated by, the User that is used for all GCash transactions. It is also used for both POS and ATM transactions.

“One Time Pin” or “OTP” shall mean an automatically generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that is sent to the registered mobile number of the user to authenticate a certain transaction or login session.

“Personal QR/P2P QR / Transfer QR” shall refer to a specific QR code associated with the GCash account that allows Send Money transactions.

“Peer-to-Peer/Person-to-Person (P2P) Express Send” shall refer to the existing send money service which allows a GCash Sender to send money to a GCash Receiver.

“Short Message Service” or “SMS” shall mean a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices. This includes the SMS or E-receipt sent to User’s GCash App inbox.

“Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” or “USSD” shall mean the protocol used by telecommunications companies to communicate with the service provider’s computers.

“Unauthorized Transaction” shall mean when an account is compromised without providing any confidential information (answers to security questions, MPIN, and/or OTP) that may lead to the access of a User’s account.     


4.1 You shall keep your MPIN, Card number, OTP, and other GCash Account data confidential and secure at all times. These shall not be disclosed to anyone. You shall be responsible for the security of your GCash Wallet and/or GCash Card, the SIM, and your MPIN. All transactions made using the GCash Wallet or Card are conclusively presumed made by you, and you shall be liable therefor.

4.2 You agree to assume full responsibility and liability for all transactions made in your GCash Account. You acknowledge and agree that your MPIN is known only to you and as such, any transaction using your MPIN and/or OTP shall be presumed to be done by you. 

4.3 You agree that GCash, at its sole discretion, is entitled to act on the instructions received from you through the GCash App or web facility after the entry of your MPIN or Biometric authentication. You shall hold GCash free and harmless from any Claims arising from the use of your MPIN or OTP, unless such Claims are due to the gross negligence of GCash. 

4.4 The security and proper care of the GCash Account, SIM/ GCash Card, as well as the confidentiality of your MPIN and OTP shall be your sole responsibility.

4.5 In case of loss of mobile phone, SIM, or Card, you shall immediately inform GCash by submitting a ticket through the GCash Help Center (“Help Center”) or by calling GCash’s 2882 hotline (“Hotline”) within twenty-four (24) hours from the discovery of such loss. You agree that GCash shall temporarily deactivate your GCash Wallet and/or Card until you request activation. All transactions made prior to the report of loss shall continue to be the liability of the User. You shall hold GCash free and harmless from any Claims arising from the loss of your mobile phone, SIM, or Card.     


The GCash Wallet is a reloadable e-money instrument. It is not a deposit account, and it is not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). It does not earn interest. However, it is subject to the rules and regulations of the BSP, the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), as amended, and the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, and other related laws, rules, and regulations. The value loaded in your GCash Wallet may be used to transfer or send money between GCash Wallets via Peer-to-Peer/Person-to-Person (P2P) Express Send or Personal QR/P2P QR/Transfer QR, and purchase goods and services via (a) quick-response or “QR” code scan payment method through the GCash App, or (b) POS/offline or online payment system through the use of the GCash Card.


You may Cash-in Philippine Peso value into your GCash Wallet either through (a) Mobile Banking Service (MBS), which means that you transfer Philippine Peso amount from your qualified bank account into your GCash Wallet via the defined functions on the GCash App, or (b) GPO where you may personally hand over Philippine Peso cash (bills/coins) for the amount to be cashed in to your GCash Wallet, or (c) Phone-to-Phone/Person-to-Person transfer, which means you can transfer Philippine Peso amount from your GCash Wallet to another GCash Wallet. You may Cash-out your GCash to Philippine Peso by (a) using your GCash Card through participating ATMs or (b) through any GPO, based on the minimum and maximum Cash-out amounts as may be imposed by GCash. The Cash-out through the GCash Card at any ATM nationwide may be subject to applicable bank charges.


For online purchases, diligence is expected of the User to only t