3 ways to transfer money without touching money

As we face a global COVID-19 pandemic, we must take a step back and rethink the ways we interact with people and the things around us in order to avoid the risk of virus transmission.

Public health officials recommend that we stay home, stay a safe distance away from one another if we do need to go outside, and always wash our hands. But there is something that we all handle almost daily that can be another way for the coronavirus to spread — and that way is money. Bills and coins are touched by tens of thousands of people in its usable lifespan, and for that same reason it can become a way for germs and viruses, such as COVID-19, to spread.

But can we really avoid using cash?

With GCash, you can definitely do so! In fact, now is the best time for you to join the cashless economy — not only to avoid touching cash, but to avoid going out altogether and exposing yourself to the virus. All you need is a smartphone, a mobile number from any network, and the GCash App to start completing your money errands in a quick, secure, and convenient way.

Through the GCash App, you can access a variety of Send Money features that allow you to transfer money anytime, anywhere all on your mobile device. Need to send money to someone with a GCash account? You can do it in a snap. Need to send money to someone but you only have their bank account details? Still a breeze with GCash. How about receiving money from someone in the province or abroad? GCash got you, fam.

Our methods of transferring money are useful in our enhanced community quarantine situation, when going out just for the purpose of sending or receiving money to and from our loved ones can actually be hazardous to our health. And that’s not mentioning the added layer of exposure to the virus when you touch cash and the different surfaces at ATMs, banks, and remittance centers.

Continue reducing your contact with cash to avoid virus transmission and fight COVID-19! Go cashless by downloading the GCash App today. And if you need to send money, use GCash and choose the feature that fits your situation best. Stay safe, everyone!

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