GGuide: Here’s Where You Can Stream Your K-Drama Soundtracks, AD-FREE

If you’re not watching a K-Drama you’re definitely missing out. However, for most of us, we’re avid watchers and admirers of the medium. The beautiful cinematography, the well-crafted scripts, and most of all the iconic soundtracks make each drama special in its own way. Spotify is going to be your best friend if not already.  Here are some of the top K-Drama soundtracks available.  

Best of Korean Soundtracks

Starting strong with Spotify’s own, this soundtrack is a mix of all your top K-Dramas in one. It’s 50 tracks of your favorites which you can play anytime, anywhere if you’re not in the mood for anything in particular. You’ll surely love this playlist as it’s perfect for a study session, a quick drive around town, or just an overall chill background music for when you’re at home. 

Korean OSTs

Once again, Spotify has its own playlist for K-Drama or K-Movie lovers. This one is no exception. The hits on this playlist feel familiar and should definitely hit and match your emotions when you watch a certain scene or remember a certain line from your favorite shows. This is perfect if you want an alternative to your typical pop music playlist.

Best Korean OSTs of Series

Spotify also has a series of the best Korean OSTs for the past few years. Some even date way back to 2016. It’s the perfect nostalgia ride if you’re still hung up on the older dramas. Reminisce on your favorite scenes and get a blast from the past with this solid set of playlists. 

The best way to listen to your favorite soundtracks or to create your own is by subbing to Spotify. You can get a smooth, high-quality, ad-free experience when you do. Going premium is the best decision you can ever make as you can listen to music, anytime, anywhere through downloading. You can totally go ad-free and enjoy non-stop playlists along the way. You can play any song from your mobile or your computer and have unlimited skips as well. Subscribe to Spotify now and #PayWithGCash to enjoy all these benefits, playlists, and more. 

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