GGuide: Living the K-Drama Dream in Baguio

The life of a K-Drama fan does not end after watching a movie or show. When you feel like re-enacting your fave scenes or craving K-food, Baguio is the way to go! Even without the oppas and unnies of Korea, Baguio has the same kilig vibes and comfort!

Mines View Park

Mines View Park is popular for its beautiful scenery perfect for your Instagram feed. Enjoy the cold weather and shop for Baguio’s famous souvenirs and wood crafts. If you’re looking for the ultimate Baguio photo, take a selfie with the famous St. Bernard dog named Doglas. We heard he’s friendly and won’t bite or bark!

Korean Palace Restaurant

You’re the main character in this samgyeopsal place up in Baguio! You can pose in a traditional hanbok for your IG story, too. You’ll enjoy the fresh lettuce straight from Benguet Province and high-quality Korean food! Plus, you can simply scan their QR code for payments via GCash.

Baguio Cathedral Pilgrim Stairs

Remember those iconic scenes in the stairway? You can experience that too in the Baguio Cathedral Pilgrim Stairs! Reach new heights in your travel experience with plants and statues of angels and saints accompanying your every step. Kahit ‘di blessed sa love life, sure na blessed ka in every way.

Strawberry Picking

Benguet’s cool climate and highlands are perfect for produce and fruits like their famous strawberries. La Trinidad’s luscious strawberry farms provide you with a priceless experience that will give you all the feels! The rates for strawberry picking may vary but payment is convenient with GCash!

Seollem Café

Pretend like you’re in your favorite K-drama in this Itaewon Class and Crash Landing On You-themed cafe! Be transported to Seoul with their signature drinks including the lockdown trend Dalgona! Stay all day if you want because they have it all! They offer K-Drama faves like bingsu, Korean fried chicken, Bibimbap, and the Korean egg toast made famous by Hospital Playlist. Keep the chill vibes going by paying cashless with GCash!


Looking for ingredients for that Korean dish you saw online? They’re all here in K-Mart! They even have appliances and furniture if you’re looking to upgrade. Preparing for your K-Drama-themed dinner is now easier with authentic Korean goods. 

Even without a passport, you can instantly live your K-Drama dreams in Baguio! Pack your bags, ready your cameras, and remember this list for an easy & convenient trip!

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