Your GCredit Questions, Answered!

Adapting to the new normal can take some time, but with the right tools, we can adjust just fine to the protocols that will be set in place once everything starts to settle down. A good way to start is changing the way you pay—with GCash, you can enjoy quick and contactless payments, and not to mention, the convenience of being able to buy now and pay later with GCredit!

Some of you sent in some good questions about GCredit, so we’re here to answer them!

What do I do if I pay for my GCredit but the amount does not get reflected on my account?

You can call the GCash Hotline at 2882, or submit a ticket regarding your GCredit issue through the GCash Help Center, so they can assist you with your concern.

Why did my GScore go from 425 down to 350?

Your GScore is based on the frequency of your GCash activity and paying for your GCredit dues on or before the due date set in the GCash App. If you continue to transact using GCash and pay for GCredit dues on time, your GScore will start increasing again!

Why did I still incur interest charges during ECQ?

Only penalty fees were waived during the nationwide quarantine period to ease your financial burden. Visit to learn more about this.

Will the due dates change on my GCredit statement of account?

Your statement of account will still reflect the original due date as seen in the GCash App. Please take note that only penalties will be waived in case you missed your due date during the nationwide quarantine period.

If I exceed my monthly transaction limit, how else can I pay for my GCredit?

You can pay for your GCredit dues through our offline partners such as ECPay stations, 7-Eleven and Bayad Center. Visit to learn more about how you can pay for your GCredit dues.

Can I use my GCredit if I am past due on my payment?

Unfortunately, your GCredit will remain suspended until you make a full payment from your GCash wallet.