GGuide: How to PLAY and EARN with GCash

Play-to-earn games are quite popular nowadays. Play-to-earn games are exactly what they sound like! They are casual and fun games that one can play for a chance to win extra GCash. Here’s how to play and win with GCash!

As with our previous guides, it’s important to already have a verified GCash account before you get started. Thankfully, you only need 1 valid ID to fully verify your GCash account. If you haven’t done that, you should do it as soon as possible. Once that’s settled you can log on to GLife and look for either mgames or Goama. Both platforms are good for the play-to-earn aspect so there should be no pressure when choosing. It all boils down to your preference. 

Both mgames and Goama have play-to-earn mechanics. However, Goama requires you to have at least an initial cashout per tournament you join (a minimum of P15 per tournament for 7 days of unlimited play to rank up).

mgames requires you to buy tokens worth P15 each for you to compete from its selection of games. It’s advisable to have at least P15 pesos in your GCash account to load up on tokens that you will be using in order to compete.

When it comes to playing the actual games you’ve selected, each game has a tutorial before you can start playing, so it’s very easy and there’s no need to stress about strategy. You can try first a few games, and see how you like them by practicing first using your energy before playing in Compete using your purchased tokens.  


  • Bubble Woods
  • Element Blocks
  • Furious Speed

Goama Games:

  • Ramadan Run – this is a seasonal game please change to Cut the Fruit or Street Basketball
  • Heart Attack – please feature Flap Flap
  • Rock Music – please feature RFox Run instead

Goama also hosts a month-long tournament called the Heroes Tournament where players compete in over 1024 tournaments to collect Goama tickets to rank up on the Heroes leaderboard. Top ranking players earn up to P10,000.

For the redemption of prizes, Goama ensures that you will receive your GCash prize within 5-7 working days. 

The name of the game when it comes to earning at mgames is to earn via the two compete modes: Compete to win Gcash rewards or Daily clash and Compete to win Points or Daily 7-Challenge. By competing in the Daily clash, you will win the rewards instantly and compete unlimitedly. While, when competing in the Daily 7-Challenge, you will only have 1  chance per game per day to earn tickets. The more tickets you earn, the bigger chance of ranking high on the daily leaderboard and earning from the P120,000  daily prize pool. This is why it’s important to have a verified account. 

So that’s how you earn with GCash! It’s pretty simple, with no pressure at all. Casual to pro gamers who have experience in crypto and NFTs can find this alternative to be quite enjoyable. Be sure to log on to GLife to check out more games, promos, and deals. 


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