How I changed my life with GCash

Navigating through the real world and its challenges can be tough as a young adult. The truth is, school doesn’t really equip us with the everyday skills that are essential when you start working and getting your life together; taxes, loans, rent and everything in between. Who needs to learn about those things when you can compute for the hypotenuse of a right triangle, am I right? Help comes in handy in times like this, and if one thing’s for sure, GCash has helped make life a little easier for a lot of young adults out in the wild, wild world.

We asked Herv Alvarez, a 24-year old copywriter and content writer that has been a GCash user since 2017, a couple of questions that might shed some light on how to make the real world a little less daunting.

So, Herv, you’ve been using GCash for a few years now—how has the experience been so far?

It’s been great, actually! GCash has super streamlined a lot of the financial things that I have to deal with every month, and the best thing about is that I don’t even have to bring a wallet around as much and go anywhere inconvenient anymore, like banks or payment centers.

What made you start using it?

A friend showed me the Send Money and Pay QR features and that really convinced me to download it! From there, I started paying via QR for food and other things, and whenever friends would cover for meals, I’d tell them to get the app and I’d pay for my share through the app.

Do you think anything has changed since you started using it?

Hmm, I think it’s really changed the way I look at money, for sure. Back then, I didn’t really feel good about handling money; I would spend here and there carelessly. But after getting introduced to GCash, I noticed that I became more organized with spending and saving. I think it’s a great introduction to becoming more financially literate and responsible.

There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you in the country. Do you think they should start using GCash too?

Definitely! It’s hard to come by something that can have so much impact in one’s life, and GCash has the potential to do so. Imagine all those people making a shift to a more convenient and cashless option. It’d be awesome to see everyone just transacting with their phones wherever they go!

Can you name your top 3 features in the app?

On the top of my head, I’d choose Pay Bills, GCredit and Invest Money. Other than being my most used features, those are the ones that make me feel secure, and more importantly, help me shape my financial future. 

Before we wrap this up, here’s one last question: If you were to create a feature for GCash, what would it be?

A really good one to add to the already-great roster of features could be loaning. Not via GCredit, but bigger loans like housing or car ones that you can get at banks. GCash is probably headed that direction already given that they have GScore and transaction records, but yeah, for someone that has the near future in mind, it’d be a really convenient way to get where you want to go!

“It’s hard to come by something that can have so much impact in one’s life, and GCash has the potential to do so.”

Being young doesn’t have to mean you’re reckless, especially with your finances. This is a great time to start thinking about what your goals are and how you plan to reach them. With a little help from GCash, Herv began to see his future a little clearer than before, and you can too!

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