GGuide: Lenten Season Food Deals To Try This April

For Lent, we have to sacrifice a lot of things. One of the common things sacrificed is meaty food. That means no burgers or steak for the Lenten season. However, that doesn’t mean everything has to be out of reach. You can still have a fulfilling Lent with these awesome deals. Here are the GLife Lenten Season deals you need to watch out for. 


Chatime is an all-time favorite for a lot of people and for good reason. The flavors of each masterfully curated milk tea melt inside your tongue. It’s the summer and the weather is unforgiving, why not beat the weather with a bit of Chatime! Chatime has made it easier to beat the summer with their Pearl Madness Bundle. Get four, yes you read that right, four large pearl milk tea for only P395 and save P45 off your purchase! It’s the perfect bargain to start the Lenten season while also beating the heat. 

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Auntie Anne’s

Looking for something savory and sweet to share with your loved ones this Lenten season? Why not try Auntie Anne’s for a change? They currently have a promo for their Ube Cheese bites! Buy one get one every Tuesday to Thursday, this all day promo runs from April 12-14 and 19-20 only! Just buy two Ube Cheese Bites and get them for P105! If you’re planning to get a box of Ube Cheese bites, grab one now for only P315 and save P105 on your purchase!

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Kenny Roger’s Roasters

Kenny Roger’s has been a classic for generations. They always serve amazing meals with awesome quality without breaking the bank. This Lent, why not enjoy this promo from April 17-20. Buy one get one corn muffin for only P99. Their corn muffins are absolutely delicious and can be paired with a lot of Lenten dishes and more. Stop by your nearest Kenny Roger’s to enjoy!

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Classic Savory

Classic Savory always serves one of the best deals in town. They serve a mix of Filipino and Chinese cuisine that will surely tickle your taste buds. No need to skip out of this beloved restaurant if you’re planning to order from them this April. This is another restaurant that we have on this list that offers a great Lenten-themed deal. Get 30% off Creamy Mushroom Fish Fillet, Spicy Squid, Sweet & Sour Shrimp, Lohan Chai from April 11-20(Except April 14-15). This amazing deal is available on GLife, so log on now!

There’s no need to worry about what you should eat this Lenten season with this list. You can grab all of these in easily accessible deals when you log on to GLife. Everything you need this Lenten season is just in the palm of your hand. Now go and enjoy these fantastic GLife Lenten Season deals

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