GLife Shopping May Deals Just For You!

This month of May, don’t miss out on these GLife Shopping May Deals that you can add to your shopping list. We have everything from coffee to health supplements. Want to learn more? Read on!

Monkey Speak

Monkey Speak is a coffee lover’s paradise. They serve the best-tasting coffee, sourced from the best growers all over the world. Experience a different kind of caffeine and other beverages to boost your day. Keep your mood and energy high with their Nespresso-compatible coffee and chocolate capsules. Get a 20% off discount when you shop and pay via GCash in their stores nationwide.

Get Monkey Speak on GLife!

Tindero Boy

Here comes your TinderoBoy at your service. Make your grocery errands stress-free with just a simple tap. No need to go outside, let your TinderoBoy do the shopping. Relax in the comfort of your home while waiting for your groceries to arrive. Enjoy an easy and a convenient way to shop and get 10% off when you pay with GCash.

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Apple & Eve

Be fashionably chic whenever you go! Apple and Eve offer stylish and comfortable clothes for every modern Filipina. Choose from their fabulous collection to level up your OOTD goals. Update your closet and get P500 cashback for a minimum spend of P2,500. Pay with GCash.

Shop at Apple & Eve on GLife!


Help save the environment with these biodegradable and compostable food packaging from Econtainer. Made from sugar cane bagasse, it is the best substitute for single-use plastic. All products are 100% compostable, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. Plus, it’s microwavable, water and oil resistant, and internationally certified for food-grade products. Pay with GCash and get P100 cashback for a minimum spend of P500.

Get Econtainer on GLife!


Get healthier every day with Nutriplus! They offer a wide range of products from daily multivitamins to hair growers and anti-hangover vitamins. 

Prevent hangovers and protect your brain and liver with WrecOver. Avail of their 50% discount when you pay via GCash!

Get Nutriplus on GLife!

Avail of these GLife Shopping May Deals on your GCash app. You’re just a few convenient taps away from an awesome shopping experience this May. Go to GLife now to get started!

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