Be An Investor In Your Twenties: Ray’s Story

When you’re in the early phases of adulting, investments sound about as far-off as a tour of Europe: something you will probably do someday when you’re a full-fledged, accomplished adult, unless you suddenly win the lottery or stumble into some other get-rich-quick fairytale scenario. Ray Ducut, a twenty-four-year-old accounts receivable specialist, initially thought so. When he first looked into his investment options, he encountered several hurdles — beginning with his limited funds, his lack of experience, and the difficult investing terms that seemed especially designed to discourage aspiring investors.

Read on about how he overcame these hurdles with GCash Invest Money and did the seemingly-impossible: become an investor in his early twenties.

Tell us about your spending habits, Ray. What items do you heavily spend on? What item would you consider a splurge or luxury?

I usually spend money on food, drinks, movies, and toys for the kids. Back then, I used to spend money on gadgets. However, I realized that gadgets are no longer a good investment, as it depreciates fast.

When did you realize you wanted to try investing? What were the hurdles you encountered while trying to start an investment?

When I started working, I really didn’t think about investment. But after months of getting paid, I realized that I need to save a portion of my salary for savings and investment, and so I did.

When I started my investments, I encountered a lot of barriers. However, in my opinion, the three ‘E’s are the major hurdles in investment. These are the lack of Education, Experience, and the need of Excessive cash.

I am glad that GCash set aside the said three ‘E’s. Apparently, with GCash, we can start our investment with ease using our phones, and we can start it with just P50.

How long have you been using GCash Invest Money? What made you start using it?

I have been using GCash Invest Money since March 2019. My friend introduced GCash to me. At first, I actually thought that it was just a loading app for prepaid sim cards. However, when I tried using the app, I realized that GCash is all about finance. GCash can help us wherever we want to put our money. And the moment I learned that GCash has an Invest Money feature, I immediately used it.

How’s your experience using GCash Invest Money so far?

I love using GCash because of its features. Invest Money is the feature I like the most because I can easily invest my money by utilizing the feature in one tap.

Do you think anything has changed since you began using it?

Definitely! In our world today, we are in a time of technological growth, and as the world improves, so should our finances. I am thrilled about having an investment that will help me become ready for the future.

What’s your advice for people who are just starting to build their investments?

The first step is always the hardest. If you think you don’t have enough knowledge about investments, don’t worry, you will learn. If you don’t have experience with investments, everyone started with no experience. You’ll gain experience once you’ve started your investment.

Don’t have extra money? Not a problem. With GCash, you don’t need a huge amount of money. You can start investing even with P50. Always remember that any development, no matter the size, is a big improvement.

Are you ready to add investing to your daily habits? Take Ray’s advice and don’t be afraid to use every tech invention at your disposal to manage your finances! GCash Invest Money is particularly designed to let you invest for as low as P50, even if you have little to no knowledge and experience. It simplifies your first investment journey with a few taps on your phone, lets you check on its growth as many times as you like, and allows you to adjust your investment amount should you change your plans over time. Could you ever find a more understanding investment partner than that?

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