Your #RetailTherapy Movie Playlist

We enjoy giving financial advice and empowering your lifestyle with our services, but we can’t lie: we also want things. Retail therapy is real, and legit studies show that in moderation, it cheers us up in several ways. It eases transitions, boosts our creativity and aesthetics, and relaxes us by giving us a mini-mental vacation. We all need that last one after weeks of rain, so we compiled a list of Netflix shows and movies you can check out for inspiration before you buy yourself something nice (with GCash Pay QR, we hope!)

1. We want food: The Chef Show (2019)

The Chef Show, a spin-off of director/actor Jon Favreau’s film Chef in 2014, is a cooking show in the loosest sense. Chef Roy Choi and Jon Favreau wander from state to state to explore and experiment with actors, chefs, directors, writers, and restaurant owners who share their passion for food and cooking. There are no measurements, and both guys occasionally make funny mistakes, but the mouth-watering variety of comfort food — such as pies, pad see ew, fried rice, lava cake, ribs, aglio olio pasta, and the golden grilled cheese that became synonymous with Chef — is enough to make you pull up Foodpanda on your phone in the middle of episodes.

2. We want hygge: It’s Complicated (2009)

Hygge (HOO-ge), the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness, comfort, wellness and contentment all rolled in one, perfectly encapsulates this rom-com about a successful bakery owner (Meryl Streep) torn between her former husband (Alec Baldwin) and home architect (Steve Martin). We want everything in this beautiful movie, especially the gorgeous home layouts and furniture, the backyard veggie and fruit garden, Meryl Streep’s life savings, and the luscious pastries she just can’t stop making.