Scheduled Transfers: Onetime setup, lifetime of ease

Is it just us, or is 2020 shaping up to be a busy year? It’s mostly a good thing. It means we’re all pursuing our New Year’s resolutions, making plans with the people we love, maybe even starting new projects and finding new interests. In short, we’re all trying to become better people by laying the groundwork for the rest of our year.

The good news is, you can continue living at your busy pace and still be on top of your immediate responsibilities. It only takes a bit of pre-planning on your part to ensure you are still in control of basic things such as chores and payments. While GCash probably can’t help you with your laundry, our app’s got you covered on your money transfers — especially the repeating ones! Our Bank Transfer service now has Scheduled Transfers, which lets you schedule recurring real-time weekly or monthly transfers to over 40 local banks.

To set up Scheduled Transfers, open the GCash App, go to Send Money, and choose Send Money to Bank. Then save the bank account details, set up your preferred schedule and amount, and watch as your weekly or monthly transfers are paid. You can schedule 5 recurring bank transfers for each saved account (and save a maximum of 20 accounts). And if you ever forget that you scheduled a transfer, don’t worry. You’ll get a general reminder 24 hours before the transfer so you can cancel or update.

If you find this new feature so exciting that you can’t even think of which bank transfer to schedule first, we also thought of the following situations where you can use it!

Sending money to your family

We see all of you hardworking breadwinners, and we actually designed Scheduled Transfers with your needs in mind. It’s now easier to secure your family’s needs as long as you have a relative with a local bank account. Now you only have to inform your family about your scheduled date of transfer.

Paying recurring bills

If you’ve experienced the horror of receiving a past-due bill message, we feel you. It’s even worse when you really meant to pay but forgot to do so. With scheduled transfers, you’ll hopefully never encounter this issue again. You can set and forget payment schedules to billers that accept bank transfers as payment, such as realtors, insurance, tuition deposits, cable, internet, and more.

Paying friends back

If you’re in your early stages of adulting, you’ve probably experienced borrowing a friend’s credit card for concert tickets or gadgets because you didn’t have your own. Or maybe you have a friend who booked flight tickets for your squad and now you have to pay in installments. Whatever it is, paying back money you owe becomes easier with scheduled transfers. Simply make an agreement with your friend on how much and how often you can make transfers, until you pay back the full amount.

Paying your rent

With everyone’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s too easy to forget paying your rent. Set up scheduled transfers to your landlord or landlady so you can tick rent payments off your to-do list for the foreseeable future. You’ll never have to play the recall game on whether you’re paid, and it keeps you in good standing with your lessor.

Paying everything else in installments

Installment payments often apply to gadgets and appliances. But there are a ton of other items you can pay installments on like furniture, condos, and even hotel rooms, as long as you make the proper arrangements. One way to do it is by asking the seller if they are willing to accept scheduled bank transfers. Once they agree, setting up your payments via GCash is the smoothest part.

Save time and make adulting easier by using the new Scheduled Payments! With weekly and monthly schedule options, your bank transfers will be even more worry-free and hassle-free.

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