Online or in-store? Where to shop essentials during quarantine

Welcome to the new normal: everyday we stay home out of necessity, anxiously spraying alcohol on everything as we read every Covid-19 news update. We all know we have to follow the quarantine and wait, but it’s hard to stay still when you’re running out of food items and other home essentials. Thus, we’re faced with this question: How and where do we shop for supplies?

Here, we discuss your options for restocking your pantry and home supplies, and how the GCash App can help you with them.

Going out to shop

Stepping out to buy groceries is the quickest and cheapest way to restock. It’s also a one-stop shopping experience — you’ll likely find everything you need in one place. You also get the chance to inspect items and choose from different brands and packaging sizes.

However, going out to shop is no longer as simple as it used to be. Since most stores close earlier, you’ll have to time your shopping accordingly. You’ll have to wear a mask and carry a quarantine pass. Without public transport, you’ll have to walk or drive to the grocery. Given the social distancing rules imposed by most stores, you’ll also line up for an hour or more before getting to shop.

Going out also increases your risk of illness. You can contract virus from surfaces, crowded grocery aisles, or even cash, as per the World Health Organization. And that’s not mentioning the added layer of exposure when you get cash from ATMs, banks, and remittance centers.

To remain safe whenever you go out, practice social distancing, keep your hands clean at all times, and wash your hands as soon as you get home. The use of cash can also be prevented by using GCash Pay QR to pay for your supplies. Not only is this payment method instant and convenient, you can even use GCredit to save you from petsa de peligro moments!

Pay safely and conveniently with GCash at your nearest Puregold, Waltermart, Mercury Drug, 7-Eleven, Army Navy, and more groceries and takeout establishments! Check out all partners who accept GCash Pay QR here.

Shopping online

Online grocery services and online sellers have become more popular after the lockdown. Getting deliveries right at your doorstep also lets you skip all the cons of in-store grocery-shopping. Most stores have strict disinfection practices, encourage no-contact deliveries, and accept contactless payments. It’s also easier to find specialty items online, such as imported meats and seafood or fresh-baked goods.

However, you’ll have to visit different online sellers to find everything you need. Stocks are so limited that an item in your cart may be gone by the time you check out. Most online stores also have delivery delays due to the surge in demand. You’ll have to order in advance, from one day or up to two weeks ahead. Lastly, shopping online is costlier than in-store shopping, because you’ll pay extra for labor and delivery fees.

Lazmart, MetroMart, and Walter Mart are just a few of your online grocery options. Lazmart is especially convenient because you can pay right away with GCash. Just choose ‘GCash E-wallet’ on the Select Payment Method screen after you check out. Then input your mobile number, and authorize the transaction by punching in your OTP and MPIN to confirm your payment.

Many individual online sellers of niche items such as coffee and meats also accept immediate payment via GCash Express Send. Once you have their GCash-registered mobile number, tap ‘Send Money’ on your GCash dashboard > Express Send, then add the details of your payment. Before paying, always research the online seller you’re dealing with to ensure they are legitimate.

Shops that accept bank payments can also be paid with GCash, which can transfer funds to over 40 local banks. Simply tap ‘Send Money’ on your GCash dashboard > Send to Bank, then choose the bank you need to deposit to. After filling in the shop’s bank account details and amount, review your details and confirm.

Lastly, you can also use GCash to pay online stores that take credit cards and debit cards. Simply choose the debit or credit card payment option on your chosen store, and use the details on your American Express Virtual Pay card or GCash Mastercard to pay. Just ensure that you have sufficient balance on your GCash account before ordering.

Paying for food online

For people who only need a quick meal without having to shop, restaurants and food delivery apps can provide cravings for one or for an entire clan. This option offers all the pros of shopping online, minus the long waiting time.

Tons of restaurants accept direct online payments with GCash, such as Shakey’s and Max’s Group (which owns Max’s, Pancake House, Krispy Kreme, Yellow Cab and more). Restaurants and online sellers that are powered by PayMongo also accept GCash — choose from Wildflour, Lugang Cafe, Annyeong Fried Chicken, and many more.

As for food delivery apps, we recommend Foodpanda. Aside from their wide range of restaurants and cuisines, they also accept American Express Virtual Pay as a credit card payment option upon checkout.

There are upsides and drawbacks to any way you choose to shop, and it’s up to you to decide which best suits your situation. For both online and in-store payments, you’ll find that GCash comes in handy by providing you a fast, secure, and easy way to pay. Our payment methods also help you stay safe — especially for in-store payments, where social distancing is an absolute must and touching cash and surfaces exposes you to risk. Download the GCash App to enjoy the ease it brings to your chores and grocery-shopping!

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